• SLIDER – Lapco Barrel
    Here's a wicked pic of the inside of my Lapco FSR Riffled barrel. I swear by this barrel. It is amazing. Click for a video of me testing calibration at Next Paintball. The test was to try and hit a MAG at 150 feet away. CLICK IMAGE TO SEE VIDEORead more
    Dual Dams (Widowmaker Setup) at PRZ Asylum Outbreak 2014
  • Canadian Carnage Final Battle
  • That Dam Database
    If you're a DAM user/fanatic, and the manual just doesn't do you justice (or you're too lazy to read it, check out the user generated videos that will help you out with some tips, tricks, and tutorials. Click the slide to visit the database. Read more
  • Habs Hat
    Go Habs Go.
  • Canadian Carnage 3 – Hunting
    Canadian Carnage 3 was amazing. Great game, great scenario, great competition. Check out the epic "Spy 18 Killstreak" video by clicking the link Read more
  • Maple Leaf Squad
    My Team, the Maple Leaf Squad (MLS). These guys are awesome, and if you've ever visited our tent during a big game, you'll know why. Click here to visit our facebook page. Read more
  • Guardian
    Operation Guardian @ PRZ Photo Credit (Lord) SHELDON CARLESS. Click here for his facebook page. Read more


    Just a small note…

    Despite popular beliefs, no, I am not sponsored by Dye, nor do I gain anything financially by preaching the good word of Dam. Am I a fanboy? Maybe, I don’t know, but all I do know is that I really like this marker. Not to say that the others aren’t good enough for me, but instead, just aren’t for me. If you see me on the field, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about my setup, or to tech  your own Dam, just make sure you read the manual first…